PDF – February, 2010

Creative and adaptable team player experienced in producing high quality software with a proven track record for project delivery in the software industry.


GUI Engineer
Fun Forged
January 2009 – present
  • Created the front-end for MMO game with ten thousand active players using ActionScript 3.0 with Adobe Flash CS4 and Adobe Flex Builder 3.0
  • Communicated with beta testers to resolve bugs and to maintain a cooperative relationship with the online player community
  • Experienced complete development lifespan from initial design to game release
Software Engineer
ATI Technologies Inc. / AMD Graphics Product Group,
May 2006 – August 2007
  • Designed and developed the GUI for personal video recorder application on the Macintosh platform using C++ and OpenGL to create appealing and intuitive application front-end
  • Utilized database frameworks to transact electronic TV guide data for scheduling and viewing of television program listings
  • Adapted application components to work on both Intel and PowerPC architectures


Honours B.Sc. in Computer Science: Software Engineering Specialist
University of Toronto
September 2003 – June 2009
  • Executive member of the Game Design and Development Club 2004 – 2009


  • Awarded Most Impressive Demo for Capstone Design Project: Intro to Game Design
  • Awarded first place and best audio for rapid game development
  • Awarded second place most favourite independent game on
  • Participated in rapid game development competitions: TOJam 2007-2009, Imagine Cup 2009, Game-Making Deathmatch 2004-2008
  • Interviewed by established media: Game Developer Magazine’s Fall 2009 Game Career Guide (p.16), Techvibes technology blog
  • Attended game industry conferences: Game Developers Conference 2009, Vortex 2007-2009, DIG London 2008, FuturePlay 2007



  • Designed and developed graphical user interfaces by integrating art and animation assets to create intuitive and visually appealing application front-end
  • Created original textures using Adobe Photoshop CS1 to develop GUI elements and menu states


  • Tackled multiple areas of development, support and marketing
  • Learned to use Flash CS4 and Flex SDK within a month
  • Learned to use Microsoft XNA, C# and Torque Game Builder to develop games within three days of rapid game development

Team Player

  • Worked in a team of five people for twelve months on a massively multiplayer online game
  • Worked in a team of six people for sixteen months on a multimedia application
  • Worked in teams of two to seven to deliver finished games during game development events and competitions


  • Improved game performance and development workflow efficiency by optimizing and refactoring the game client front-end
  • Maintained technology documentation for weekly team knowledge sharing
  • Developed and maintained coding style documents


  • Yellow belt member of the Toronto Wado-Kai Karate Club at Ryerson University
  • Enjoy developing and playing video games, storytelling pen-and-paper role-playing games, creating graphic novels, and staying current on the latest game industry news and technologies