The Empire Game

Fun Forged

Since the beginning of 2009, I have been busy working with my friends at Fun Forged making The Empire Game.

The Empire Game is a team-oriented strategy MMO, where you take control of an empire belonging to a team to compete for dominance. You achieve dominance by crushing other empires, conquering their land, forging alliances with other teams, and eventually backstabbing your allies on your way to the top.

“Power” is a measure of your empire’s economic and military might. The most powerful empire is usually one that maintains a balance between their offensive and defensive military forces and their internal economy which sustains their military.

Our core development team is currently five people, including myself. The Empire Game is a serious undertaking made even more so by our lack of financial support. It is a labour of love that led to one great game, and an awesome “high five” material for us to be proud of. :)

The Empire Game is currently available online for people to enjoy, and it has been in open beta since early December. We are currently improving and maintaining the game, with some very cool plans for it in the future.

I will post more details about the game soon.