Cheese is War

Cheese is War

Cheese is War is a game I participated in developing for the 2008 Toronto Independent Game Development Jam or TOJam. We made the game using Microsoft XNA framework. The cheese physics were made with the help of Farseer Physics Engine. The objective of the game is to push, tilt or stretch a tower of cheese on your opponent mouse by shooting the cheese mass with your bazooka. Deep within the core of the cheese tower, there are mines that explode upon impact with your shot projectile, which send the cheese tower ripping apart for added instability, which can aid or hinder your chances of winning. The winner is the mouse that withstands the least amount of damage from being crushed by the falling cheese.

Making this game was tons of fun. It was my first serious try at coding in XNA and I learned a lot from it. Check out the links below for the download page and the short game video.

Cheese is War Download Page (hosted by TOJam)

Cheese is War on YouTube


Ante Bralic – Programmer, Level Design, Gameplay, Graphics (background)
Andy Hammerlindl – Programmer (cheese string physics)
Andrei Petrov – Programmer
Jennifer Ruttan – Programmer, Graphics
Thuan Ta – Programmer
Liesl Anipare – Graphics
Darie Petrov – Sound and Music
Barry Rowe – Graphics