Blood Vessel

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Blood Vessel is a game I made for the GMD 2006 game-making competition, organized by the UofT Game Programming Club (now called utGDDC). It was the second game I made in Flash for GMD, my first entry being in 2005. The theme for the 2006 competition was “Dimensional Disturbances” and the competition lasted for two weeks.

Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel

The following is a bit of game info I submitted for the competition at the time:


“Our civilization has meet yet another deadly viral infection, with patients filling the hospitals. Various research universities have started figuring out a way to combat this biological threat to human-kind.

Several universities have come up with a way to combat this threat, but all of their solutions are too far-out to be put into practice.

You are an adventurious member of the University of Toronto’s Quantum BioTech lab who has signed on to pilot the state-of-the-art Inner-Space Ship. The “theory” is, you will enter a quantum singularity in order to shrink to a microscopic level and then get injected into a volunteering patient with the deadly virus. Your job is to remove the deadly virus cells from the patient’s blood stream using a wormhole formed by the ship’s quantum reactor.

The wormhole is designed to send any matter entering it to a theoretical space

called the “Null Space”. You have to put your skill to the test and manouver the ship in order to remove the virus cells, avoiding the patient’s vital red blood cells. If too many blood cells get removed, the project will be deemed too dangerous by the International Medical Association, and the reputation of the University of Toronto will be put to shame. Do not fail!

Have fun!”


Requirements: Macromedia Flash 8.0 Player.
Game programmed using ActionScript 2.0 in Macromedia Flash 8.0.

To run the game, double-click on the BloodVessel.swf (Mac) or open the same file with Internet Explorer (Windows). There might be an issue with openning the file using an internet browser, as the game window size might be rescaled to accomodate the browser’s window size.