Digital Graphic Novel Project

Here is where I post the latest updates on my 8 page graphic novel short story.

I started this project as a personal goal to create a multimedia graphic novel experience similar to the one presented by Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel PSP title. It is a prototype of a graphic novel creation process that I am experimenting with, as a way to explore new ways of creating graphic novel content on the web, while taking advantages of the existing art and development tools.

My current goal is to create a graphic novel player that is fully intractable, allowing you to navigate through the graphic novel with ease, as well as view its action sequences complete with animated panels and some audio, all unique to the digital version.


Step 1:  Creation of the hard-copy version is in progress.


1. Content:

  • Page 1 (complete)
  • Page 2 (complete)
  • Page 3 (complete)
  • Page 4 (in progress)
  • Page 5 (in progress)
  • Page 6
  • Page 7
  • Page 8

2. Flash book viewer:

  • Develop GUI
  • Integrate pages

3. Digital Graphic Novel

  • Develop GUI
  • Animate Pages
  • Add audio

Completed Pages: