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San Francisco – The Coast, The Park, The Bridge

We continued our walk along the coast, observing the piers that curve and stretch out into the faraway distance. Alcatraz Island loomed in the distance, our plans already forming to visit it in the following days. Sadly, the tours for the Rock were booked for the whole week of our stay in San Francisco. Continuing [...]

GDC 2009: San Francisco – Day 1

Even though it was my first time in the States, I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed at first. The arrival on American soil felt no more than a simple exchange of similar-looking airports. Only upon our departure from the San Francisco Airport did I began noticing the subtle differences: increased presence of security [...]

GDC 2009: Preparation

Last week I spent a week in San Francisco attending the Game Developer’s Conference 2009. I went with two of my friends, Mark and Andrei, who are also my co-workers at FunForged. Our initial plan was to volunteer at the conference, not only because of getting a free all-access pass to the conference, but also [...]