Quoted in the Game Developer Magazine’s Fall 2009 Game Career Guide

After the last TOJam in May 2009, Jim McGinley, one of the TOJam organizers, put several of the TOJam participants, including myself, in touch with Jeffrey Fleming, who works for the Game Developer Magazine, to write about our experiences with the various game-making technologies that we used when making our games. At the time, Jeffrey was covering the Toronto’s independent game development scene, as part of his Do It Yourself! article in the GDMag’s Fall 2009 Game Career Guide (page 15).

I wrote to Jeffrey about my experiences with Flash, Flex, Torque Game Builder, Adventure Game Studio, and Microsoft XNA, including the pros and cons for each in the type of game being made. A couple of snippets of my written experiences with Torque Game Builder were quoted on page 16. :)

Game Career Guide is a special standalone magazine issue presented by the Game Developer Magazine and aimed at students and recent graduates as a helpful guide towards starting, and later maintaining, one’s career in the game industry. It is available online for free.

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