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Quoted in the Game Developer Magazine’s Fall 2009 Game Career Guide

After the last TOJam in May 2009, Jim McGinley, one of the TOJam organizers, put several of the TOJam participants, including myself, in touch with Jeffrey Fleming, who works for the Game Developer Magazine, to write about our experiences with the various game-making technologies that we used when making our games. At the time, Jeffrey was covering [...]

Yellow Belt!

After grading in November, I am now starting the 2010 year of Wado Kai karate as a yellow belt! Last class I was introduced to a new kata: Pinan Nidan. I observed this kata being performed by yellow belts before, but now I actually got to do it.  After training the basic Kihon kata as a [...]

TechVibes Interview

Last November I was interviewed by Eric Floresca on behalf of Techvibes technology blog about The Empire Game and the involvement our Fun Forged team had with the Vortex Competition during the past couple of years. I met Eric at the Vortex 2009, where we (Fun Forged) were given a great opportunity to present our [...]

The Empire Game

Happy New Decade! Time sure flies since last I posted. Looking back at 2009, it’s been quite an eventful year for me. Since the start of last year, right after I completed my university degree, I have been busy working with my friends at Fun Forged making The Empire Game. Working on this game last [...]